Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control of Morphogenesis in Development, Evolution, and Disease

Postdoctoral Positions at UCSF – Selleri Laboratory

Positions for highly motivated postdocs are available in the laboratory of Dr. Licia Selleri in the Program of Craniofacial Biology & Institute for Human Genetics of the University of California, San Francisco.

We study the epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of morphogenesis in development, evolution, and disease. To this end, we use genome-wide, systems biology approaches, leveraging the strengths of different organismal systems, including mouse, chick, pig, lizard, and human embryos.

A special focus is on organogenesis of the craniofacial & appendicular skeleton (A few relevant papers during the past 13 years: Vitobello et al, Developmental Cell 2011; Ferretti et al, Developmental Cell 2011; Koss et al, Developmental Cell 2012; Handschuh et al, Cell Reports 2014; Vierstra J & Mouse ENCODE Consortium, Science 2014; Cheng & Mouse ENCODE Consortium, Nature 2014; Yue & Mouse ENCODE Consortium, Nature 2014; Prescott et al, Cell 2015; Losa et al, Development 2018; Samuels & FaceBase Consortium, Development 2020; Cozzitorto et al, Developmental Cell 2020; Long et al, Cell Stem Cell 2020; Losa et al, Nature Communications 2023; Kemmler et al, Nature Communications 2023; Selleri & Rijli, Nature Reviews Genetics 2023).

Lab Webpage:

Qualified applicants should send their CV, a brief description (less than 1 page) of research experience and interests, a statement of career goals, and contacts of three referees to