Satellite DNAs: From Cellular Functions to Diseases

Satellite DNAs contribute significantly to form the genome architecture of every eukaryote. The mechanism about the origin, evolution and maintenance of satellite DNA is still poorly understood but certainly this highly repetitive noncoding DNA has a role in vital cellular functions and evolutionary processes.

The main aim of the proposed Special Issue in Genes on “Satellite DNAs: from cellular functions to diseases” is to underline the role that genetic or epigenetic alteration of satellite DNAs could play in diseases. We hope this Special Issue will contribute to stimulate extensive research on the involvement of satellite DNAs in causal association with diseases.

I would like to invite you to contribute principally a research paper in your area of expertise. Exceptionally, review paper is welcome in the case of a forward-thinking view on upcoming challenges.

   – Satellite DNAs: From Cellular Functions to Diseases

Genetics and Epigenetic Mechanisms of the Neurovascular Unit