Regenerative Medicine Stem cells and Cell Factory Management

Second level Master

The field of regenerative medicine has considerably expanded with important investments by pharmaceutical companies both on research and – above all – in the development of clinical applications. Whilst approved and available clinical applications in patients are limited to some areas due to the complexity and length of the authorization process, experimental and preclinical research offer great potential for the development of new applications in the near future.

Students will learn and apply the acquired knowledge on stem cells, endogenous and experimental tissue regeneration, cutting-edge technologies and their interface with molecular therapies, stem technologies, tissue engineering and the use of innovative biomaterials, sampling methods, expansion, culture, manipulation, monitoring, conservation and traceability of human cells, the regulatory needs regarding these emerging technologies, the regulations in the clinical / pharmaceutical field as well as the management of the Quality System according to current regulations in the field of cell manipulation and human tissues.

The topic of technological transfer in biotechnology in public and private institutions will also be addressed

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