Post-doctoral fellowships and PhD students

Stefano Piccolo laboratory

The laboratory headed by Prof Stefano Piccolo, University of Padua and IFOM, Italy, invites applications for 2 postdoctoral positions and 2 PhD candidatesfunded by the European Research Council.

Our leading goal is discovering cancer vulnerabilities to advance treatment. Here we deal with two main projects. One focuses on how adult stem cells interact with their tissue microenvironment during ageing and regeneration, including how these signals are diverted in cancer and metastasis.

The second project relates to novel strategies to attack lethal tumors and metastases, including potentially groundbreaking means to awaken the immune system against cancer. We aim to a creative and motivated new team member, with a strong interest in research.

The successful candidates will work within a dynamic international team of experienced researchers, in a leading research institution, and across disciplines, from mouse models to single cell spatial transcriptomics, from molecular mechanisms to translational applications in patients, including adult normal and cancer stem cells and disease “avatars” (organoids).

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