PhD in Biomedical Science and Biotechnology – University of Udine

PhD Coordinator
prof. Claudio Brancolini


Tissue dependent molecular and cellular players of immunoregulation in cancer
Carlo Pucillo – DAME-UniUd

Redox balance in cancer cells and design of antioxidant
Luigi Xodo & Valentina Rapozzi – DAME-UniUd

Peripheral biomarkers of impairment of oxidative metabolism during exercise in aging, inactivity, pathological conditions (including Covid- 1 9 infection).
Bruno Grassi – DAME-UniUd

Exosomes in ulcerative colitis patients: implications for disease progression and the therapeutic perspective
Giovanni Terrosu – DAME-UniUd

Mechanisms of transformation and malignant progression of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST)
Roberta Maestro – CRO-Aviano

Glioblastoma molecular characterisation for new therapeutic strategies
Erika Cecchin & Giuseppe Toffoli – CRO-Aviano

Breast and ovarian cancers: study of disease progression and response to therapies
Paola Spessotto & Gustavo Baldasarre – CRO-Aviano

3D Organoids/spheroids platforms and next generation sequencing approaches to investigate mechanisms of cancer cell death and resistance
Teresa Gagliano & Claudio Brancolini – DAME-UniUd

Role of transthyretin (TTR) dynamics on A TTR amyloidosis, studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The role of proteases and mechanical forces.
Alessandra Corazza – DAME-UniUd

3D models of tissue organ culture to study the role of probiotics and postbiotic in Inflammatory Gut Disorders
Carlo Pucillo & Barbara Frossi – DAME-UniUd

Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle
Bruno Grassi – DAME-UniUd

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