MicroRNAs and Stem Cells 3.0

MicroRNAs are involved in cellular processes such as differentiation, growth, and apoptosis. Stem cells have peculiar properties such as differentiation and selfrenewal, which can be strongly influenced by epigenetic changes.

Notably, miRNAs are able to fine-tune stem cell behavior by suppressing the translation of many target mRNAs, thus inducing fluctuations in gene expression and protein translation.

Unraveling epigenetic factors and their role in influencing pluripotency and stem cell differentiation capabilities could pave the way for new therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine.

This Special Issue will include a selection of research papers and reviews about various aspects of the molecular regulation of stem cell behavior and cellular phenotype by miRNA. In addition, clinical studies evaluating miRNA and stem cells in regenerative medicine are suitable for submission to this Special Issue.

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