Innate immune mechanisms associated with viral persistence in the human testis

Post-doctoral position

We offer a postdoctoral position in a multidisciplinary environment that will provide opportunities for impactful research.

As part of an ANR funded-research project, the recruited candidate will develop researches on the mechanisms responsible for the establishment of viral reservoirs in the testis, focusing on emerging viruses such as Zika virus and other arboviruses.

The project will build on state-of-the-art methodology including single-cell RNAseq combined with unique human tissue culture, and you will have access to newly generated genomic data.

Since this is a collaborative project, you will interact with several world-class researchers at Institut Pasteur in Paris and Geneva University. You will enjoy a large degree of autonomy to organize your work. The institute will support the career development of candidate who will demonstrate their ability to successfully lead research.