Genetics and Epigenetic Mechanisms of the Neurovascular Unit

Maintenance of Neurovascular Unit (NVU) integrity is essential for homeostasis of the central nervous system (CNS), and it is ensured by a multicellular bidirectional crosstalk. Several secreted neurotrophic and growth factors act in a paracrine manner, contributing to the correct development and function of both nervous and endothelial cells. Neurovascular unit impairment is linked to several CNS pathological conditions leading to epigenetic reprogramming within NVU cells.

In this Special Issue will be welcome papers dealing with molecular genetics and epigenetics applied to clarify mechanisms of neurovascular development and signaling.

Moreover, the Special Issue aims to identify genetic, epigenetic, and epitranscriptomic factors associated to NVU properties that can contribute to NVU impairment.

Therefore, original articles and reviews focusing on NVU physiology and pathology are highly encouraged, as well as papers aiming to better characterize the role of a single cell type in NVU crosstalk. Expression studies will also be considered. Finally, studies are not limited to human samples, and results obtained by in vitro observations and animal models are also accepted.

   – Special Issue: “Genetics and Epigenetic Mechanisms of the Neurovascular Unit”

Genetics and Epigenetic Mechanisms of the Neurovascular Unit