Department of Experimental Medicine (DIMES)
University of Genova

XXXVIII Cycle – 1 fellowships available

Online application only – Deadline: July 10th 2023 at 12.00 (italian time)

The project concerns the engineering of NanoErythrosomes (nanoparticles released from red blood cells) (NanoEs) to be used as targeted drug delivery systems. Specifically, the project will involve the comparison of different NanoE isolation methods and their characterization in order to identify an optimized protocol.
The engineering of the NanoEs will include: i) the functionalization of their membrane with sequence-specific peptides through click chemistry strategies, ii) the loading of therapeutic molecules.
The aim of the project is to evaluate, through in vitro and in vivo analyses, whether the engineered NanoEs will be able to preferentially target metastatic sites and specifically deliver their therapeutic cargo. For more information, or to apply, feel free to write directly to Prof. Roberta Tasso (

   – PhD program