Biochemical and Cellular Mechanisms Regulating ER-to-Golgi Vesicular Trafficking in Health and Disease

Secretory proteins and membranes exit the ER into ER-derived carriers and transported to the Golgi before being sorted and delivered to their final destination.

This task is fundamental to ensure the functions of the secretory pathway, for the cell viability and extracellular functions.

Quality control of secretory proteins export is under the control of the Unfolded Protein response pathway.  from the ER a delicate balance among COPII dependent vesicles budding, ER dependant proteasomal degradation (ERAD) and Er-phagy, in which certainly play essential role.

In this special issue we want to welcome scientific contributions that describe novel cellular mechanisms involved in the ER-to-Golgi trafficking control and discuss how defects of the molecular machinery that control ER-export lead to diverse human diseases. We also welcome scientific works that show and discuss possible therapeutic approaches that may be used in the treatment of trafficking-based disorders.

Contributors can contact directly the leader Guest Editor ( who will send personal invitation to access discount on publishing articles.

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